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PPC or pay per click is the most important advertising model now a days. It helps the large and small businesses as well. PPC is so popular because it brings customers instantly unlike organic where you need weeks to set up and drive traffic to your website. We at Text Visibility, provide the desired result through our pay per click services performed by highly skilled professionals.

Key Factors to Run a Successful PPC Campaign

  • Quality score
  • Max CPC
  • Landing Page Quality
  • Relevancy of the keywords, landing pages and ad copies

Quality Score: one of the major important factors in PPC is quality score. You cannot get high return on investment in pay per click campaign without having good quality score. It depends on various factors such as relevancy of the keywords, perfect landing pages, unique content and catchy ads copies, etc. Higher the maximum quality score, better chances of being on top of the page. So, optimizing the quality score is crucial to improve your ad rank without increasing the maximum bid.

Maximum CPC: Yet another factor to get better chance to list your ads on top is max CPC (cost per click). It’s not necessary that if you bid high CPC than your competitors and your ads being listed on top. Apart from Max CPC, Google gives priority on high quality score. So, when you want to better ad rank. It is recommended to focus on both quality score and CPC.

Quality of the landing page: This is the most crucial factor that every PPC specialist should follow. The quality of the landing page is considered as the key of reaching goals. It helps to increase user engagement on your page. If you want maximum clicks though your ads, you just can’t ignore the quality of the landing page.

Relevancy of the keywords, landing pages and ad copies: Relevancy is the most crucial aspect of PPC campaign. Before going to live your campaigns, make sure you have the relevant keywords related to your business, detailed landing pages with full of major information about the products and unique ad copies play a vital role to reach your targeted audience and higher conversion.

What’s included in our PPC services?

  • Keyword Research and Selection
  • Landing Pages Optimization
  • Ad Text Creation
  • Campaign Management
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Conversion Tracking
  • ROI Tracking

Text Visibility is a leading PPC services company in Delhi, India. We are committed to provide you the high return on investment. To get more information, connect to our expert for customized plan and package.

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