Social Media Marketing: Dos and Don’ts For Effective Brand Promotion

As the Internet users have touched an unprecedented 4.4 billion users worldwide, most brands want to connect with social media campaigns to attract more traffic and leads. Whenever you are opening Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or YouTube, there is a flood of information coming from different brands and companies. Everyone wants to spread the awareness, position their brand and build a better reputation in the market via social media marketing. If you have planned the same for your business to use social media marketing, here are a few Do’s and Don’ts that can help you power up the social campaigns and make best use of the marketing. Social Media Marketing Tips

Do’s To Consider For Social Media Marketing 

Give More Leverage to Social Media Marketing 

For building a positive reputation about your brand in the market, do more to connect with the audience. Well, it is not a good idea to just speak about the specifications of the product. Rather, if you are succeeding in your endeavour to promote your business at a global scale, do share the strategies that you are using. This will help attract more traffic to your website. Not just this, you can also engage in social campaigns like a CSR activity. Engage more with those problems that need careful attention of the corporates. It is very much essential in building a positive brand image and creating a favorable picture for better business promotion. By using social media, you can connect with large masses and disseminate your visions and ideas for a better society. If you do this and make it viral via social media, it will give a different identity to your brand and help in capitalizing the market.

Specify the Target Audience 

To make your business successful, you need to know your customers and give them the solution that they seek. If you are into bodybuilding business like gymnasium or you are launching your own gaming store, knowing the customers can help you better connect with them. Always stress more on solving their problems and spend a reasonable sum for branding your business in the competition. Specify the gender, region, preferences, likes, occupation, disposable income and their active hours on social media. This is not an overnight effort; rather, you need to carefully analyse the trends and do best to reach out to the customers and give them the solution that best satisfies their needs. Keep that in mind and promote yourself on multiple social media platforms for best results.

Don’ts To Consider for Social Media Marketing 

Social Media Feed With Information Not Just Promotion 

To better connect with your customers, you need to listen, learn and engage. Most brands do not follow these principles and they are just into promotion, telling about the product specifications and the benefits that it can bring. Well, it is not a bad approach but there must be the right balance between connecting with the customers and positioning your brand. Do not just stress on promotion, the more your business will address the concerns of the customers, understand their problems and listen to their suggestions, the better it will grow with time. Use the social media feed properly to establish a positive brand image and build better business reputation.

Spammy Follower Feed With Unnecessary Information 

When you get followers to your business page, or the social media feed, they are there for value addition that you can bring in their life. Thus, you must always give them unique, high valued contents time and again to earn their allegiance. On the contrary, some of the brands just speak about the products and inundate the followers social media wall with unnecessary or repetitive information. If you follow the same practice for a while, after a specific time period, the followers will give up on your brand and no longer wish to cope with your self blowing trumpet campaigns and non-thoughtful marketing efforts. Whereas, if you are adding value by conducting thorough research and posting relevant feed time and again, the customers will be tempted to stay on your business page and get connected with your live feeds.

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