Technical SEO: Everything You Need to Know About

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing which drives organic traffic to your website. There are various SEO activities which require to perform to get website featured in top search engines and Technical SEO is one of them. The importance of SEO technical strategies is to boost your website rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs) and ensure your target audience can find your business online.

Important Factors of Technical SEO
Important Elements of Technical SEO to Rank Well

Our highly skilled professionals at Text Visibility identified the top technical search engine optimization factors you should focus on to build a strong website foundation.

Here are the most important factors of technical SEO

Website Speed

If you want top ranking, make sure your website loads fast and your page are working properly. The longer your website takes to open, the higher your bounce rate and, the more potential customers you lose. The ideal website load time is 1-2 seconds. Studies show that 53 percent of page visitors leave a website that takes longer than three seconds to load.

Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness is the most significant element of technical SEO. Mobile uses are increasing rapidly now a days. Studies show that almost 50.33 percent of online searches are performed via mobile device. Responsive web design is key to improve website usability, page speed and search rankings. For top rankings, your website must have mobile responsive design. It helps users to navigate easily on mobile device.

Google Search Console

It’s all about your website health. With Google search console, you can check crawling and indexing status of your website. Submit your XML sitemap, check performance report, crawl errors and much more. Google Search Console provides enough data about the website that helps you improve your website’s crawling and indexing.

Website Architecture

A good navigation structure is important to technical search engine optimization because it helps your website’s UX and boost your keyword rankings. While creating a design for your website, you must focus on the structure of the website that should be easy to navigate and understand.

Google Analytics

This is most crucial tool to use for every webmaster to track their website traffic. Google Analytics tool allows you to know how your online users interact with your website based on interest, location, demographic, landing page, traffic channels, etc. Google Analytics is user-oriented and considered one of the most important parts of SEO.

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Schema Markup

Schema markup, also known as structured data, is the code embedded on your website to help search engines return more relevant, informative search results to online users – usually in the form of rich snippets. Adding structured data to your website gives you an important boost in your rankings. Structured data also makes your website more appealing than normal search results. Common rich snippet types include reviews, product markup, recipe and events.

Crawl Errors

Crawl errors prevent users from getting the information they want from your website. It is important to optimize your website according to search engine guidelines. The errors like 404 can reduce the volume of traffic to your website. You can use 301 redirections to fix 404 errors and direct online users to the new landing page.

Inline Styles

You should avoid to use inline styles on your website. It is considered bad practice because they don’t separate content from design. Use external stylesheet instead of inline styles. It is a separate document that you can link from any HTML document in your website. With external style sheets, you can change your website design by simply uploading one file.


Robots.txt indicates search engines which pages or folders of your website to crawl and display in search engine result pages. You need a robots.txt file to block non-public pages, such as a login page, that you don’t want random users to land on. Robots.txt also prevents the indexing of certain resources, such as PDFs and images.

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Top 7 Advantages of a Mobile-Optimized Website

The mobile optimization of your website is an important aspect that should be done in the recent times. The most critical and beneficial reason for it is because it helps you target your site to the young generations like the millennial generation and the generation Z. Mobile is an essential aspect of the daily people’s lives. Today for any person and almost every person, mobile devices have become a necessity. Having your website optimized to the mobile devices will help you in various ways. It will increase the overall time that is spent on the site. The maintenance cost of the site will be much lower, and that can come as a significant boon to the business.Advantages of a Mobile-Optimized Website

  1. Improved User Experience – the mobile optimization of your website will have a fantastic impact on the user. They are most happy to have their convenient means of digital browsing availing to them your site as well. The user experience is majorly maximized.
  2. Increased Time Spent on the Website – since mobile is a binge used object in the recent times, the optimization of your website on the mobile interface will make a huge difference in the time that is spent on the website. It is going to better the results and benefit your website and business.
  3. Improved Mobile SEO Works – the mobile optimization of your website will have the scope for a much better and robust business as well as great SEO functions and tools. SEO is a firm and benefitting aspect for any business these days, and with a greater scope, they can help you in vast ways through the mobile optimization of your website.
  4. Faster Website Loading Speed – the mobile optimization will result in the quicker loading of the website pages. This will automatically rank you higher on the SERP. This is a beneficial aspect that you can gain from the mobile optimization of the website of your business.
  5. Better Webmaster Tools Ranking – with the mobile optimization of your website, there will be a better ranking of your sites on the Webmaster tools like the Bing and Google platforms. These will in turn again help you have a better ranking through for enhanced Search Engine Optimization.
  6. Lower Maintenance Costs – the costs of maintenance of the website also becomes much useful and balanced through the optimization of the website over the mobile devices. This can be a beneficial factor for the business as the saved capital can be better used for any other purposes, and the investment becomes more.
  7. More natural Engagement with the Users – through the mobile optimization of the websites, you can engage quickly with the users of the website. As a result of this, there will be a better feedback mechanism, and that will help you better your products and services.

These above ways are the benefits or advantages that mobile optimization of your website will have on you. They help your business in many different and dynamic ways. It also helps you engage with the users in a straightforward manner. The process of feedback mechanism is also robust, and that can also help the business to better their products and services.


5 Simple SEO Tips for Better Rankings

There are many people who believe that SEO works are difficult; however that is not the case. Basic configurations of SEO work are pretty simple and straightforward. SEO works are essential for the business ventures in the modern times. Having higher ranks in the SEO realm and platform helps you to be better equipped in the market structure of the recent times. SEO works are a major decisive factor for the e-commerce realm in the modern times. This will help the business have more awareness in the market, have greater traffic flow to the website and as a result also have a higher rate of sales conversion. Here are the top five ways in which you can avail better SEO rankings in the digital domain.

Best SEO Tips

  1. Better and Fresh Content – with better and fresher content you can easily connect to the better lot of the audience. The SEO works will be more fruitful in that way. You will have your website and its content in the higher ranks on the SERP. They help you in the various ways beyond your comprehension. The SEO works can better connect you to the audience that you want to target.
  2. Improve the Loading Time of Your Website – with the better loading time of your website, there will be increased traffic to your site and this will better the rank of your site for the better effectiveness of the SEO functions and tools. This will help in the easier loading and the time of the visitors are valuable. This fact should be remembered well and also kept a good idea about.
  3. Website should be Mobile Friendly – your website should have a mobile-friendly interface as the modern times require all the best options to be mobile friendly. This will help you target more people in the digital realm, and as a result, your website will have a higher rank on the SERP. This beneficial aspect can make a significant difference for the business and hence should be taken care of.
  4. Register your Website with Bing and Google Webmaster tools – registering your website to the webmaster tools like Google and Bing is a beneficial way in which you can better the ranks for your SEO works. These tools will help you have a better overall awareness and popularity and also help you in bettering the positions on the SERP.
  5. Optimize Your Titles, Descriptions, and URL – the optimization of the various descriptions, titles and the URL will also help you have a good rank. These will be the aspects that are most read and used and with a better functionality of these various segments, you can easily better your SEO ranks.

With the ways and means as mentioned above, you can enable the best rankings for your website through your SEO works. This can prove to be extraordinarily beneficial and productive. They will help you have a better flow of traffic to the site and also as an indirect result increase the sales conversion of the business. Get more details about the best SEO services for your website.